Louis Fusco Landscape Architects

St. John's Master Planning:
Zones of Experience: Symbolism as a Master Planning Tool for St. John's University

2014 HONOR AWARD WINNER - Connecticut Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects
2014 MERIT AWARD WINNER - New York Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects

Understanding and organizing the College campus through the creation of Six Zones of Experience

The unique role symbolic elements and statuary play in establishing a context for site design and how their placement in the landscape reinforces the College Mission.
The transformation of a one time “commuter” college, dominated by random structures roads and parking lots, into a pedestrian oriented campus where outdoor spaces are a continuation of the learning experience.
The reorganizing of the contextual significance of building usage, circulation patterns and environmental elements and how they lend to unique moments of experiences.
The promotion of Sustainable initiatives: elimination of vehicular traffic, reorganization of parking, transfer of 2+ acres of asphalt to green space, creation of social, establishment of a campus composting program and student run farming initiative.
From Master plan to reality; the design development and completed construction of more than 20 proposed project areas located throughout the campus.
The planting of 1500+ new trees, including the creation of a campus arboretum dedicated to the celebration of Native North East species.
Initiating and continuing a partnership with the New York Restoration Project’s Million Trees NYC.
University recipient of Tree Campus USA - National Arbor Day Foundation 2013.


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