Louis C. Fusco is the principal of Louis Fusco Landscape Architects, a privately owned full-service landscape architectural design office located in Pound Ridge, NY. Known for his site-sensitive creative designs, implemented with the highest attention to detail, his award winning projects have been featured in landscape journals and magazines. Louis Fusco Landscape Architects have established a positive reputation based on skillful, impeccable service. We provide expert analysis of the landscape within the physical & cultural context.

Louis Fusco Landscape Architects’ have created some of the most spectacular private estates and gardens in Westchester County, Fairfield County, Northern New Jersey and Long Island, in addition to, innovative parks, playgrounds, country clubs, golf courses, rooftop gardens, civic spaces and university campuses.

Since no two sites are alike, the opportunity to create anew is always present. We work with a vision to inform and inspire with high aesthetic standards. Honoring the historic roots and incorporating the future application - it is seeing the there in the here.


As stewards of the land, Landscape Architects strive for a fine balance between science and art. Landscapes can create awe-inspiring experiences, and shift people’s lives. Louis Fusco Landscape Architects is known for thoughtful, creative and memorable designs that are implemented with the highest attention to detail.

We pride ourselves in listening attentively, providing impeccable service and expert analysis of the landscape within its physical/cultural context. The harmony between people, buildings, site and the natural environment emerges out of careful observation. We are passionate and educate on the value of sustainability and resilient design, while emphasizing beauty and its inspirational impact.

Louis Fusco Landscape Architects’ projects include residential, academic and commercial. Since no two sites are alike, the opportunity to create anew is always present. We work with a vision to inform, and cultivate with high aesthetic standards to honor the land’s historic roots.

Designs include: private  estates,  gardens,  parks,  playgrounds, country clubs,  golf courses,  rooftop gardens,  civic spaces  and  university campuses.

Locations: USA with a focal point locally (Westchester County, Fairfield County,
New York City, Northern New Jersey and the Hamptons); internationally with
a focal point in Italy


Design Services

Master Planning

Site Master Planning & Design: Campus Master Planning, Facilities Master Planning, Estate & Residential Master Planning & Design

Site Planning and Landscape Design

Commercial, Colleges & Universities, Primary & Secondary Schools, Corporate, Estates & Residential, Rooftop Gardens, Pool & Entertainment Areas, Parks, Arboretums & Gardens 

Site Engineering

Grading, Drainage, Wetland Mitigation, Site Sustainability, Lighting 

Storm Water / Native Wetland Design

Sustainable and Environmentally Conscious Design

Athletics & Recreational Facilities Design

Environmental & Wildlife Ecology


Building & Wetland Permits, Variances & Special Use Permits 

Property Administration

Custom Design Products

Sculptures, Light Fixtures, Fences, Railings & Gates, Furniture, and more 

Interior/Exterior Design & Coordination

Residential, Commercial, Outbuildings 


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